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Brisson Balabhavan

The hostel is named after Blessed Louis Brisson (Bala = child; bhavan = house), who founded the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales in the year 1875. Since then the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales are engaged in youth, educational and pastoral ministry. They run schools and hostels all over the world and they came to India in the year 1990. Brisson Bala Bhavan hosts 21 boys and depends financially on donations because some of the children are without parents or are unable to contribute respectively.

1. Provides free room and board for kids that would not get a chance otherwise.
2. Provides a good education in a recognized school of quality without charging the children.
3.Admits any child who is eager to study, regardless of the child`s caste, religion, state or social status.
4.Educates the child in a holistic approach: soul, mind and body. (Yoga, sport, music, etc..)
5.Provides suitable living and learning facilities.
6.Needs your help to help.

You Give Us a Future

If you want to donate, please send your cheque in favour of

Karnataka Samarpana Educational Society
Samarpanaram, Chandapura PO
Hosur Road, 560081
Bengaluru, India

oder berweisen Sie an:

Oblaten des hl. Franz von Sales e.V.
Kennwort Brisson Bala Bhavan
Sparkasse Duren
BLZ: 395 501 10
Kto.- Nr.: 351874
IBAN: DE30 3955 0110 0000 3518 74