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Nidumukala Parish

Nidumukkala, Tadikonda Mandal,Guntur,
Andhra Pradesh

Parish Priest
Fr. Mani Kumar Arepalli, OSFS

Diocese of Guntur,
Andhra Pradesh

History of Parish

During the year of 1970 the first Catholic seeds were sown by local priests in Nidumukkala. It was one of biggest substations of Pedaparimi Parish. On 4th January, 2009, Bishop of Guntur Diocese Dr. Gali Bali has officially erected Nidumukkala as a Parish. On 8th January 2014 an official agreement inperpetum was signed between OSFS and Guntur diocese, giving the parish to OSFS for the next 25 years.

There are 150 catholic families in the village, with 900 people. People are traditional and time-honoured Catholics who come to church daily

Families are divided in to  Six wards

1. Fathima  Matha ward

2. St. Francis De sales ward

3. Arogya Matha ward

4. St Antony ward

5. Blessed Louis Brission ward

6. St. Josephward

Faith of the Catholics

Their faith is admirable in the face of innumerable, unfriendly surroundings and situations both within the church and outside the church. Equality, human dignity and respect are the goals far away from their reach. Aspirations and struggle to lead a life of minimum happiness meet with many hurdles and impediments. Along with nourishing and strengthening their faith, their human development takes equal and important place in the life of the church in Guntur Diocese.

Spirtul Activities:

Every day morning mass at 6:00 am

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday evening Rosary at 7:30pm

Every Thursday Evening Mass at 7:30 pm

Every Friday Eucharistic Adoration at 7:30pm

The church council is formed,

Legion of Mary is established.

Blessed Brission youth was formed.

People's Condition

Most of the people are economically, educationally, socially occupy very low position. Nearly 90% of the population is daily wage earners. Due to poor financial conditions children are forced to work rather to acquire education for them. People depend on agriculturally labour for their livelihood. People are migrated to other places for work. People of Nidumukkala parish are economically poor. There are no agricultural based industries. As agriculture depends on monsoon rains it is not profitable. Most of the land is owned by the High caste and other weaker sections are mainly agricultural laborers.

A few people own small land holdings ranging between 0.5 to 1 acre.  People have work only for 6 months in a year, they struggle for survival and very often approach the village landlords for loans and these could not cleared and as a result they become bonded laborers for generations.

Need for the church

The church is getting ruined. Especially the back side of the church has reached a lapsed situation. When it rains, the water falls in the church and it disturbs the spiritual activites. I have spoken with local community.

The community has been motivated to raise some local funds towards construction of the church. So we kindly request you to extend your generous heart financially to build the Parish Church.


Fr. Mani kumar Arepalli, OSFS [  Parish Priest ]

Our Lady of Fathima Church,

R. C. Mission,


Tadikonda [md]

Guntur [Dist]

Andhra Pradesh,

India-522 016

Mobile: 0091-94 94 60 68 69

Email: manikumarraj@rediffmail.com