Oblates Of St Francis De Sales

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Reflection - Year of Consecrated Life - week 8

Joseph G. Morrissey, OSFS - Assistant to the President at Salesianum School, Board Liaison at Nativity Prep, and Congregational Treasurer. For religious of a certain age, like me, the accidents of consecrated life have changed significantly over the past 50 years. Many can remember religious life that had not significantly changed in the manner in which it was lived for centuries, as well as the ever-changing"new realities" that are so integrated into our daily life today. Some of us lament the perceived loss of "order and consistency" of the past; some rejoice in the"freedom and possibilities" that the future may hold for us. Others of us feel both, depending on the day. Throughout history, consecrated life has been a gift from God to the Church, no matter the accidents of the age, and it has been experienced in ways ranging from a life of contemplation and prayer to a life of compassion and quest for social justice that is so critical in our world today. For me, consecrated life is not so much a concept to be "discerned" or a phenomenon to be dissected. Rather, it is a gift of love that feeds the Church in so many unique and critical ways. Those of us called to this way of life should take time to rejoice and to give thanks during this"special" year, and - most importantly - remind ourselves of the awesome responsibility that has been entrusted to us to live our "charism" - nec plus, nec minus